Puerto Vallarta House Hunting Tips

Camera, checklist, slip-on shoes — these and 7 more take-alongs will help you make the most of a house-hunting weekend

April 4, 2018
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Embarking on a house hunt is a little like planning a wedding — both require insane attention to detail and lead to what we hope will be a satisfying long-term commitment. So grab that clipboard and channel your inner wedding planner: It’s time to get organized with these 10 take-along essentials for your search.

My Perro in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate Dogs

This is a great article! I might add that traveling within Mexico with your dog is a whole other CHALLENGE! Some airlines do not allow dogs any larger than the smallest Chihuahua to be in the cabin. ALWAYS check with the airline FIRST!
Traveling is fun when you are in the company your loved ones, this of course includes your furry friends…

Puerto Vallarta is growing in the Pet Friendly culture. It is easy to find Pet Friendly condos and houses. There are activities for you to enjoy without the stress of worrying about the pets you left behind.

Whether you are going to be away for a few weeks or you are considering moving to Puerto Vallarta, the process of traveling with your pet is not as complicated as it may sound.

According to the Mexican Government these are their requirements and it is a good idea to use APHIS Form 7001 which can be downloaded from the Internet:


That the animal has been immunized against rabies, indicating the date of application of the vaccine and the validity thereof. This vaccine must be under one year of the date of travel. This requirement is exempt for animals under 3 months of age.

The animal must have been subjected to a treatment against external and internal parasites in a period not to exceed six months.

An inspection by a certified veterinarian prior to export that the pet is clinically healthy and a health certificate issued.

The health certificate must be under 15 days prior for travel to Mexico but it is a good idea to check with your airline prior to your flight for any specific requirements.

What to do before your flight:

Make sure that you have all your pet documentation, health and vaccination certificates.
Medication if you decide to give any sedation medication for the flight, we strongly suggest you talk to your veterinarian first.
Exercise your pet as much as you can, it is better if they are tired before the flight as this may help them to be more relaxed during the flight.
Try to arrive early to the airport and offer your pet outdoor walks if possible. Also ask at the airport if they have a special space for pets in which they can do their necessities.
Carry a small bowl and a bottle of water (purchased in the airport) so you can offer your pet a drink once you arrive at your destination.
Do not feed or give your pet water at least 8 hours prior to your trip. They will be much happier during the flight if they do not have the call of nature.
Clip your pets nails before the trip.
If you pet is going to travel in cargo and they are not used to being in a cage, we suggest you work on it a few weeks before the travel, allow him to adjust and adapt slowly to it. Also leave him a cloth or blanket he is used to, this will help them to feel calmed.
Pet luggage:

Is recommendable to bring their own items, so they do not feel away from home:

Bowl for water
Rabies Tags
Identification Tag
Health Certificate
Puerto Vallarta has many hotels, condominiums and developments that allow dogs or cats. Don’t worry if you have forgotten to bring something for your pet as there are many pet stores in town. Walmart also sells many items for both dogs and cats. Many of which are the same brands sold in the US and Canada.

All of the beaches in Puerto Vallarta are pet friendly. Who wouldn’t want to bring their dog to the beach to frolic in the sand and surf? Quite a few restaurants are also pet friendly and they will be happy to bring your pet a bowl of water.

If you are considering purchasing in Puerto Vallarta and you need to find a pet friendly house or condo, do not hesitate to contact me at alfredoh@tropicasa.com or call my cell at 3221426296.

** Thanks to Edith Soto and Gerri Ouellete for their contribution to this article.

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Rob Boyd Vallarta Real Estate
Real Estate Agent

Color in Puerto Vallarta!

Avoid a choppy feel by choosing a flow-through color, paying attention to sightlines and working with accessories

June 6, 2016
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Color preferences vary as much as personalities, with some folks loving the bright and the bold, while others feeling most secure surrounded by neutrals. The good news is that when it comes to color, there really is no “correct” palette.

That said, we’ve all been inside homes where an explosion of color created a choppy feel between rooms — and sometimes, the urge to run. We asked five color, paint and design experts to share their best tips for creating a cohesive flow of color throughout your home. The strategies vary, but any of them can help you come up with a holistic decor scheme for your entire residence. So choose the ones that work best for you.

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Blue Palms At Puerto Vallarta Garden Club’s Fiesta AZUL

I love the Puerto Vallarta garden club! These dedicated volunteers plant hundreds of trees and flowering plants in the Romantic Zone and Centro. It’s all done on a volunteer basis and through donations. Every year they do a big Gala to raise money. This year’s theme was AZUL and everyone was dressed in blue. It was a SOLD OUT event. We love going to the party and it’s held at Oscars on the River. There’s a cocktail party with passed hors d’ouvres (LOVED the ceviche on tostadas and ESPCIALLY the Conchinita Pibil!). Of course there’s live music and a bar with beer, wine, sangria and margaritas!


Dinner was a delicious salad with lettuce, pears and feta. The entrée was a perfectly cooked filet…and chocolate for dessert. There was live entertainment throughout dinner with some of Vallarta’s BEST musicians.


Puerto Vallarta Garden Club offers 4 different levels of membership and plenty of opportunities to dig in the dirt! This is a wonderful organization that gives back to our community. I encourage you to join!

Planters along the Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon courtesy of Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Small and multiuse spaces benefit from beds that appear only when they’re needed

August 5, 2017
Don’t have space for a guest bed or sofa bed? Enter the Murphy bed, which swings up or folds into a closet or cabinet when not in use. This ingenious item allows you to fit an extra sleeping space into the most spatially challenged area.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate 2017 Best Places to Retire

For just over a quarter of a century, International Living has ranked, rated, and named the best retirement destinations in the world. Each year we’ve refined and improved the process, bringing new categories and considerations into play, gathering new data, and asking more and better questions of a greater number of expats. We’ve added countries to the shortlist as they moved into the limelight, Malaysia in 2000… Colombia in 2007… and let others drop away. But the winner this year has been constant. For the past 14 years, this country has consistently ranked in the top 10 retirement destinations on the planet. And – for the fifth time – it takes the top spot once again in our Annual Global Retirement Index. This year sees our most comprehensive index yet, with a list of 24 top retirement destinations, all of which have been put under the microscope and examined as regards their cost of living, retiree benefits, climate, healthcare, and much more. This thorough questioning and assessment ultimately leaves us with a definitive list of the best retirement havens from around the world. All of which share the values that you can expect from an International Living approved retirement destination, while also maintaining aspects that make them stand out as individuals, meaning our index has a place to suit every taste. So, without further ado – after months of research, numbercrunching, and fact-finding – allow the expats who live there to introduce you to the benefits of the world’s top 10 retirement destinations in 2017. The runners-up are: 10 – Malta, 9 – Portugal, 8 – Nicaragua, 7 – Spain, 6 – Malaysia, 5 – Colombia, 4 – Costa Rica, 3 – Ecuador, 2 – Panama. And the winner is… Mexico Mexico has always offered arguably the easiest transition to expat life around: Low-cost, conveniently close, friendly locals and plenty of expats – Mexico offers an appealing balance of exotic foreign culture and familiar First-World lifestyle. The world’s best places to retire in 2017 Over recent years, crime and insecurity across the border have made headlines – and yes, there are parts of Mexico we don’t recommend. But this is a big country …and while the mainstream media may bash Mexico, we’ve actually noticed a trend of people gravitating there. Seasoned expats, folks who have lived in countries like Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Belize, are moving to Mexico. After all, there’s a reason over 1 million Americans call Mexico home. The cost of living is great – expats report living well for as little as $1,200 a month – and has gotten even better with the weakening of the peso against the dollar in recent years. Your dollars now buy nearly 50% more pesos than they did just a few short years ago. The weak peso also means you can pick up great-value real estate (to buy or rent) for even less than you could a few years ago – an apartment that cost $1,300 to rent in 2014 costs $980 now. Those dollars also go even further when it comes to Mexican healthcare. You can get healthcare that’s even better quality than what you’re used to and for one half to one third the price to boot. According to IL’s Roving Latin America Editor Jason Holland, who lives on the Riviera Maya, there are first-rate hospitals throughout the country – every major city has one. “Even paying cash at private facilities costs a fraction of what it would in the U.S. Most doctors have received at least part of their training in the U.S. or Europe …and many speak English,” Jason says. English is widely spoken in popular expat spots like Lake Chapala and the Riviera Maya. This makes it easy for you to fit right in. And heck, you can drive down, or fly home for as little as $200 round-trip – so getting home is convenient. This proximity also makes it an ideal destination for snowbird living, perfect for escaping from the worst of the winter weather. And the diverse selection of climates spread out across this massive country, ranging from hot weather on the beach to 19 Harriet Murray can be contacted at: harriet@casasandvillas.com Harriet Murray GRAND TOTALS Total Active Listings through June, 2017, are 2,540, down -6% from 2016. We have sold and closed 501 properties (condos, homes, land). This total is 76% more than last year same time. Total sales volume is $139,676,802. USD, 76% more than 2016. Average Sales price is $279,195. USD, no % change from 2016. CONDOS Active condo listings are 1,412, down 5% from 2016. 382 units sold and close, up 87% from last year. Sales volume is $102,252,644. USD,90% up from 2016 Average sales price is $264,677. USD, up 1% over last year. HOMES Active homes listings are 808, down 3% over 2016. 103 homes sold and closed, up 58% over 2016 Sales volume is $35,560,591. USD, up 56% from 2016. Average sale price is $345,248. USD, down 1% from last year. LAND Active land listings are 320, down 15% from last year. 16 lots were sold and closed, same as for 2016. Sales volume is $2,063, 567. USD, down 34% from last year. Average sales price is $128,973. USD, down 34% from 2016. Information is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed. 2017 MLS and FBS. Sales data reported by AMPI members of Vallarta, Nayarit, and Compostela participating in Flex. I recommend that each potential buyer or seller conduct his own due diligence and review. Real estate sales results first half of 2017 compared to first half of 2016 spring-like in the highlands, means you’re guaranteed to find weather that’s perfect for you. “The cost of living in Mexico allows me to live a fun life on my Social Security check,” says San Francisco-native Jack Bramy. Living half a block from the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Jack’s not scrimping. “There are great restaurants and tons of cool bars on the malecón (promenade). My rent is $575 a month for a two-bedroom apartment with a great modern bathroom and nice kitchen.” If you prefer to live in the Colonial Highlands, there are the picturesque historic towns like San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and Ajijic on Lake Chapala. Chicago native Steve Garcia, 67, has lived in Guanajuato for four years. “I live well here on Social Security. My expenses are $1,200 a month, including rent. I have a two-bedroom house with a terraced garden,” says Steve. “With the dollar going up I’ve got 50% more to spend.” After you become a legal resident of Mexico, which is quite easy to qualify for, you can also take advantage of its retiree benefits. Those over 60 get discounts on airline and bus tickets, medical care, museum entrance fees, and much more. “I love my senior discount card,” says expat Marty Kramer who lives in Playa del Carmen. “All Mexican citizens, including resident expats, can get one when they turn 60. With it, I get discounts on almost everything: healthcare, public transportation, groceries, restaurants, hotels, and even some airlines. It’s up to the business how much of a discount they offer, but it’s usually around 10%.” If you acquire official residence in Mexico, you can get an INAPAM Card – and all the discounts that come with it. These can range from 5% up to 50%. And recent changes in the law now provide an easier and faster path than ever to permanent Mexican residence. Most retirees qualify for residence by showing they have the funds to support themselves. And – also unusually – Mexico gives you two ways to qualify. You can show monthly income from Social Security or a pension. Alternatively, you can use assets, such as funds in a savings or investment account, to qualify. You don’t need to transfer these assets to Mexico; you only need to prove that you have them. “Life here is easy and relaxed,” says IL Mexico editor Glynna Prentice. “And also rich and complex in sensations and experiences. People are friendly and welcoming, their warmth as genuine as the Mexican sun. And roots are deep. “Whether you’re looking at the mighty ruins of Teotihuacan, the face of a local Maya vendor, or the cool patio of a Spanish colonial hacienda, you sense a depth of history and tradition around you. “Mexico isn’t perfect – no place is. But its flaws pale when weighed against the vividness of life here.”



Puerto Vallarta Real Estate/Wine Country

Why You Might Want to Skip Napa and Visit Mexico’s Wine Country Instead

Photo: Alamy

Excellent street food, pristine beaches, a buzzy museum scene—Mexico is known for many things, but wine isn’t necessarily one of them. That’s quickly changing thanks to Valle de Guadalupe, the country’s wine region located in the northern Baja peninsula and just two hours by car from San Diego. Compared to Napa and Sonoma, Valle offers a more low-key, less commercial, highly authentic experience. It’s the kind of place where you can watch a Michelin-starred chef grill grass-fed meat a few feet from your table or chat with winemakers during a tasting. But Valle isn’t short on style either. There are glamorous villas, pools overlooking vineyards, private wine tastings in caves, and more.

As the scene continues to grow—100 wineries and counting—we’ve rounded up the best places for oenophiles to stay, drink, and eat. Vámonos!

Encuentro GuadalupePhoto: Courtesy of Encuentro Guadalupe

Where to Stay
Encuentro Guadalupe comprises 20 modern steel and glass bungalows perched on the rocky hillside. For a next-level getaway, make like Rihanna and book the villa, an ultra-private retreat on a secluded nook of the mountain that accommodates 10 people across multiple lofts (RiRi actually booked out the entire resort for her and her crew). And don’t miss dining on breakfast by the adults-only pool that overlooks the vineyards. If you’re pining for quintessential Spanish-style decor, pay a visit to the elegant Adobe Guadalupe, a hacienda-style six-room bed-and-breakfast with a winery where reds rule. The ranch property boasts a food truck, Italian restaurant, fine dining, horses for riding, and a family of Weimaraners that serve as unofficial tour guides. A private wine tasting is included in the room rate. Just 20 minutes away in nearby coastal Ensenada, CuatroCuatros is made up of glamping tents complete with air-conditioning, heat, and WiFi. Watch the sunset from your private porch, or head to Mirador, CuatroCuatros’s cliffside lounge, with live music, wine and beer, and impeccable sunset views. The ultra-sexy space feels like a slice of the French Riviera in Baja.

mexico wine countryPhoto: Courtesy of @FincaLaCarrodilla

Where to Drink
Contemporary architecture is sweeping Valle de Guadalupe, and the sleek Decantos Vinícola is a prime example. The 50-acre winery features a dramatic glass-walled pavilion and amazing views from its wraparound patio. Finca La Carrodilla is the first certified organic winery in Valle de Guadalupe, and it is committed to sustainability, from the use of organic grapes and solar panels to water recycling. Its most popular pours are the mono-varietals—a novelty in a region that favors blends—with Cabernet Sauvignons and Shiraz among the best-sellers. Elsewhere in the valley, Monte Xanic is known for its award-winning whites. Sip on its popular Sauvignon Blanc while overlooking the winery’s lake.

mexico wine countryPhoto: Courtesy of Deckman’s en el Mogor

Where to Eat
Wine country may be its marquee feature, but Valle’s restaurant scene deserves equal bragging rights. One of the best dining experiences is feasting on smoky asado meats and farm-fresh vegetables at Deckman’s en el Mogor, run by Michelin-starred chef Drew Deckman. The space, outfitted in sunflowers, haystacks, and picnic tables, feels like a glamorous campsite with a five-star menu. Finca Altozano, from buzzy chef Javier Plascencia, offers another all-alfresco adventure, featuring an outdoor kitchen and unspoiled scenery best enjoyed with its ahi tuna tostada and cucumber cocktail. Instagram alert: You can climb atop the giant wine barrels in the field for the ultimate selfie. Dine under a grand palapa at Malva, where chef Roberto Alcocer forages and grows many of the ingredients for everything from the beautiful garden salad to 10-course tasting menus.

mexico wine countryPhoto: Alamy

How to Get There
Given the well-paved (and scenic) coastal Highway 1 between San Diego and Valle de Guadalupe, renting a car from San Diego or Tijuana makes for a more independent journey, but keep in mind that wait times when crossing back into the U.S. can be long, especially on Sunday evenings. With the new UberPassport, you can be driven one way from downtown San Diego to Tijuana. From there, you can hail UberValle to be paired with a driver for the day.

Many hotels can arrange a chauffeur service, like YTS Transport. For more guidance, book a tour with Club Tengo Hambre, Turista Libre, or Baja Wine + Food.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate: Our Terrace

We live on our terrace in Puerto Vallarta.It’s part of our real estate!..I thought you might enjoy this article:
These 24 stylish city balconies offer a master class in compact outdoor living. Browse the gallery for design ideas and tell us your favorite.



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Good design is all about the little things. A seemingly small decision or maneuver can pay off to create something big and captivating. Looking back on our articles for this week, we noticed design moves so clever that they make the entire room stand out. Consider including one of these ideas in your next project. And if something here grabs you, be sure to click the link to dive deeper into the story it came from.