Color in Puerto Vallarta!

Avoid a choppy feel by choosing a flow-through color, paying attention to sightlines and working with accessories

June 6, 2016
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Color preferences vary as much as personalities, with some folks loving the bright and the bold, while others feeling most secure surrounded by neutrals. The good news is that when it comes to color, there really is no “correct” palette.

That said, we’ve all been inside homes where an explosion of color created a choppy feel between rooms — and sometimes, the urge to run. We asked five color, paint and design experts to share their best tips for creating a cohesive flow of color throughout your home. The strategies vary, but any of them can help you come up with a holistic decor scheme for your entire residence. So choose the ones that work best for you.

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Puerto Vallarta Garden Club

Blue Palms At Puerto Vallarta Garden Club’s Fiesta AZUL

I love the Puerto Vallarta garden club! These dedicated volunteers plant hundreds of trees and flowering plants in the Romantic Zone and Centro. It’s all done on a volunteer basis and through donations. Every year they do a big Gala to raise money. This year’s theme was AZUL and everyone was dressed in blue. It was a SOLD OUT event. We love going to the party and it’s held at Oscars on the River. There’s a cocktail party with passed hors d’ouvres (LOVED the ceviche on tostadas and ESPCIALLY the Conchinita Pibil!). Of course there’s live music and a bar with beer, wine, sangria and margaritas!


Dinner was a delicious salad with lettuce, pears and feta. The entrée was a perfectly cooked filet…and chocolate for dessert. There was live entertainment throughout dinner with some of Vallarta’s BEST musicians.


Puerto Vallarta Garden Club offers 4 different levels of membership and plenty of opportunities to dig in the dirt! This is a wonderful organization that gives back to our community. I encourage you to join!

Planters along the Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon courtesy of Puerto Vallarta Garden Club