Puerto Vallarta Real Estate/Downsizing

A lot of folks have been moving to Puerto Vallarta and buying Real Estate that is a downsizing from their old USA and Canadian homes. I REALLY LOVE that she painted a high gloss white on the ceiling…I’m going to do that to my Puerto Vallarta condo to double the light!
Interior designer Lourdes Gabriela’s children were skeptical when they first saw this low-ceilinged, early-1980s apartment she had her eye on. But she was ready for a big change after the last two of her four children had grown up and left their family home in North Miami Beach, Florida. “I wanted to live in a neighborhood where I could walk to shops and bike,” she says of the move to Coconut Grove. “After they saw the transformation, they were relieved and admitted that when they saw it before I bought it, they all thought I was crazy,” she says. Now they love to gather here for big family dinners and sleepovers.

Puerto Vallarta Real Estate

Small and multiuse spaces benefit from beds that appear only when they’re needed

August 5, 2017
Don’t have space for a guest bed or sofa bed? Enter the Murphy bed, which swings up or folds into a closet or cabinet when not in use. This ingenious item allows you to fit an extra sleeping space into the most spatially challenged area.

Nima Bay Marina Puerto Vallarta Real Estate!

The Living Room at Nima Bay, Puerto Vallarta


Nima Bay, in Puerto Vallarta, is the contemporary condo building at the entrance to Marina Vallarta.We are fans of the Marina because it’s FLAT! You can have a bike, the marina is lined with shops and cool restaurants, and on Thursdays there’s a farmers market. Also, the beaches out by the Marina are big, pretty and WIDE!

Kevin and I originally considered Nima Bay when we moved here…but, the prices then were in the high $300s and mid $400,000s…

This unit I’m CRAZY for! 2 beds, 2 baths, FULL MARINA VIEW! The bedrooms in back overlook the golf course and the mountains toward Sayulita.

They’ve just dropped the asking price by $20,000!!!! From $319,000 to $299,000…this will make someone a WONDERFUL apartment!…rentable too!


The pools at Nima Bay Puerto Vallarta